The New TV is here, if you have great stories to tell, what's stopping you from telling them?
There are some wonderful things happening in many schools across Brisbane. Yet they get included in the newsletter and then abandoned.
Every day prospective parents are researching schools for their children.
Yet virtually all schools are missing the massive opportunity to maximise enrolments and attract the RIGHT parents. Isn't it time your school became part of the 1% that does online well?
 What is the opportunity?
Mobile phone usage by adults, never mind children, is going through the roof. The data is in the public domain but TV channels and newspapers  are going bankrupt for a reason. 

Desktop use by adults at work and at home dominates their use of any other media apart from mobile phones.  So the opportunity to continually be in the hearts of minds of prospective parents in your area has never been greater than it is now.
Who are the right parents?
Often fitting a child to a school is an inexact science, however, there are now incredible targeting options to attract the right fit. For example let's say your school has a strong reputation in swimming, we can help you get your message across to swimming focused parents, if your school has a very strong Music program we can put you in front of music focused parents in your area, if your school's strengths are academic and particularly Maths, Science, Technology or any other branch, we can target parents that fit that theme.  As a result, enrolments would become far more in sync with the strengths of the school enabling a more harmonious and productive cohort. 

Why a website is only the beginning?
Many schools believe having a website and a Facebook page, even Instagram and Twitter accounts, means that they have online under control.

Some schools invest in an in-house marketing department, some buy "social media services", most however don't have a clear plan, think
their in-house marketing department of fresh faced graduates understand what is neccesary and fail to address the great opportunity professionally. Worse than that they spend valuable time and resources focusing on the wrong thing.
How can we help your school?
The New TV is a way of expressing the opportunity, that the internet offers. A collaboration between ourselves, OMC, through marketing platforms, video and coaching and yourselves to develop a TV channel for your school that engages and targets enrolments from the RIGHT parents.
Who is OMC?
OMC (Online marketing Consultants Pty Ltd) has been consulting, advising, building and managing online marketing campaigns since 2009.

Our Director, David Twigg has been focused on marketing since before Google was born and as the internet has evolved he has been involved in many campaigns large and small that have enabled a clarity of understanding as to where all the jigsaw pieces fit together.
From great OP results to great Naplan results to individual student sports success and team success to strength in STEM to strength in community help. Great stories attract new enrolments as long as parents see and hear the great things you are doing.
The New TV enables schools to attract a flow of great new students, by broadcasting YOUR great news beyond the newsletter.
Developed properly it is like your school running its own TV channel.

Forget expensive billboards running for a few months with a glib one-line message. You have the opportunity for a much lower investment to actually inform parents of your strengths, your focus, and your great news.

Forget expensive newspaper pullouts or ads with a glib one-line message. You have the opportunity to communicate, to engage and to encourage like-minded parents to attend your open days.

The New TV is the most powerful broadcasting and marketing machine there has ever been and is only limited by creativity and imagination. So leave the old world thinking behind and talk to us about the new world.
Please fill out this form for a no-obligation discussion about how we can help you develop your channel on the New TV.
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