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Our Proven System

  • The Hearts & Minds System – Done For You elevates your local profile dramatically.
  • It enables you to completely stand out from the competition.
  • It positions you as the Community Champion without having to sponsor the local footy club.
  • It provides a relentless beating drum in your local community about YOU.
  • It increases your market share and attracts a flow of new listings.

DFY FORTNIGHTLY - $1000 + GST per month

DFY WEEKLY - $2000 + GST per month


DFY SHOCK & AWE FORTNIGHTLY - $3500 + GST per month

DFY SHOCK & AWE - $6000 + GST per month

DFY DOUBLE SHOCK & AWE - $10,000 + GST per month

Everything from DFY SHOCK & AWE – For 2 suburbs

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What is a bullet point script?

It’s a set of reasonably short bullet points that you can easily remember to relate face to camera when recording, so you can record one at a time whilst leaving the camera running and the video can be cut up to be one complete story. Typically we aim for 10 bullet points per script which will create a video of approximately 1 minute in length.

Why do these videos work in positioning me as the goto real estate agent in my area?

Storytelling has been proven to be the most effective form of communication. The New TV system enables any real estate agent to build storytelling into their communication with prospective clients, positioning you apart from your competition(who won’t use storytelling)

So you send me a script and I record myself on a relevant location relating the script, then what?

You send us your recordings and we create a polished video that we publish on Facebook with an intriguing post(encouraging local residents to watch the video)

Why does storytelling about the local area help me get more listings?

It’s a simple psychology. Let’s say there are 10 other agents selling in your prime suburb. They are hammering letterboxes with their one dimensional leaflets, they are posting their sales and listings on facebook and instagram, they are cold calling with very little worthwhile to say and they are outbidding each other for the local bus stop poster space. However YOU reach out to local residents(typically 4-6% of whom will be vendors in the next 12 months) providing something that is genuinely interesting about their neighbourhood and you do it consistently weekly/fortnightly, your name will be top of mind not the other 10 who just infuriate with junk and spam.

What's the difference between a bullet point script and a long form script?

The long form script will build a full story of approximately 3-4 minutes video time. We reccomend you use a teleprompter when recording the long form scripts, the bullet point scripts however can be memorized one bullet at a time and related on the video.
If you’d like to see examples of the finished form of the long form scripts then go here and you will see over 100 episodes published using our system.

What are the bonuses for the DFY packages?

Dynamic advert in a local digital newsletter of the local suburb you focus on: You can see an example here, Industry legend Adrian Bo’s advert is running on Coogee News, see it here

A Masthead Advert on the local digital newsletter: This is brand new not yet launched but you can see an example of the Coffee Club and Aldi logos on the Masthead of

Monthly Local History Series Branding & Byline: This is a monthly series of articles on a local newsletter that we write and wrap with your branding and a byline. You can see an example here:

Which Package did Adrian Bo & Charles Touma use?

A customised version of the DFY Double Shock & Awe

What will the scripts/videos be about.

The typical breakdown is local history, a real estate market focus, a local real estate market breakdown and update,
a local community story, a local community infrastructure story…..anything that is relevant to the local residents.

If I take the DFY Shock & Awe what will I have to do each week?

Simply setup your camera and record the script sent to you each week(ideally in a location relevant to the subject matter of the video) and send it to us.

If I take the DFY Double Shock & Awe what will i have to do each week?

Simply setup your camera and record the 2 scripts(1 for each suburb) sent to you each week(ideally in a location relevant to the subject matter of the video) and send them to us.

What Makes A Great Local Story?

Don't Look The Gifthorse In The Mouth - Dominate Your Area in 2024