The New TV is here, the game has changed for Real Estate Agents
  Are you ahead of this change or behind it?
Will 2017 be the year you build a scalable funnel on the new TV or will 2017 be the year you allow your competitors to beat you to it?
It will never be the same again, it's do or die.
Well that's a pretty harsh way to put it maybe, but after seeing the winners and losers in 2016, it's becoming increasingly clear that paying lipservice to the new TV is poisonous to your business and unless you grasp this nettle, you will be on a slippery slope to nowhere.

The new TV is our way of referencing the multiple devices that Australians consult and work on consistently everyday, from smartphones to ipads to laptops to desktops, our world revolves around being connected to the internet and the incredible world that opens up.
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It's undeniable that the new TV is taking over. The question is how do Real estate agents get best use of it. Well based on many years, massive experimentation and millions of dollars spent diligently, we at OMC have developed unique angles to achieve this. They all start with a marketing brainstorm with our director, David Twigg, who will advise and weave a plan around the best strategies working today to become the DIGITAL MAYOR of your main suburb.

Real estate agents are mostly suffering from the Social Media Black Hole Syndrome and SEO obsession. Behind closed doors highly effective marketing strategies and platforms have been developed to leverage the attention on the new TV. Tired advertising on bus stops, leaflet drops, mail outs and cold calling are yesterday's story.

Becoming the DIGITAL MAYOR of your suburb is the way to raise your profile in 2017, generate massive momentum and save wasted effort, resources and spend. It will also help find buyers for your listings.
If you watch the video at the top of this page you will see Gary V talk about becoming the Digital Mayor.
Becoming the Digital Mayor is not easy. It requires clear processes and strategy, it requires consistent execution and it requires plenty of creativity.

In 2017 at OMC, we will be creating Digital Mayors. 
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