The Ultimate Secret To Getting More Listings More Easily

Advanced Psychology

Bob Burg is the man to thank for bringing KLT to the business world.

He referred to it in his excellent book “Endless Referrals”.

He is now on the Fortune 500 guest-speaking circuit.

KLT stands for “Know.Like.Trust”

Know comes first….Like evolves after and Trust is born from knowing and liking.

It’s not rocket science but it is absolute fact and once you can establish the facts, you can plan to work with facts.

Everybody knows that Trust doesn’t form instantly.
Ok i take that back, because the Nigerian Princes with $238 million that need your help to move their funds, clearly must find customers to continue their quest………

But for the majority of people who have 50-90% of their life savings tied up in their primary
residence, they seek a high level of trust to appoint YOU as their agent to sell.

Now let’s go more granular than that.

You have past clients who were delighted with your service. So delighted that you would expect they would only use yourself for their next transaction(assuming they don’t sell every 20 years) AND they trust you enough to refer vendors to you.
You already have their trust, in other words they got to know you, liked you and trusted you
and you will retain that trust

You have friends, contacts and acquaintances that perhaps know you well.
The Know, Like and Trust boxes may well be ticked already for some of these people.
Again you would hope they would use your sevices when needed.

You have people on your database, you may email regularly. Some open your emails, the majority don’t.
How did they get on your database? Open home inspections, enquiries, past vendors, networking?
However they got there there will be some people on your database that fit this profile:

Know 30%
Like 20%
Trust 10%

then there will be a percentage who fit this profile:

Know 70%
Like 70%
Trust 90%

Now Imagine elevating your Know-Like-Trust for the majority of your database to:

Know 80%
Like 90%
Trust 100%

Then imagine all those local residents that AREN’T on your database get elevated as well.

That’s exactly what The New TV system does month after month, year after year.
….and that’s the advanced psychology that causes the growth for our clients.

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