From 2023 we will be offering 2 types of New TV packages, proven to grow your market share and your GCI

They deliver consistent content enabling you to retain "top of mind" amongst your ideal prospect vendors

The 2 types are DIY & DFY.
Do It Yourself & Done For You.

DIY starts at $400 per month

DFY starts at $1000 per month


How do I know these campaigns will be effective?

The system is proven across many real estate agents in Brisbane & Sydney, it is the system that enabled Charles Touma to be awarded the fastest growing office in the Ray White Franchise in 2022

How do I know if i should go with the "Do It Yourself" or the "Done For You Packages"

“Do it yourself” would be a great fit if you have basic video editing skills or have a graphic designer/video editor available in your office.

“Done for you” enables you to get maximum leverage for your time, all you need to do is spend 15 minutes per week or fortnight recording a script and the rest is done by us.