Ok So The Royal Commission Has Created New Challenges For You

But Rather Than Get Obsessed With That, Why Not Start Implementing Your Online Growth Strategy?

aka Your New TV Channel

Being part of the Financial Planning Industry would seem to be challenging but the reality is if you focus on the opportunity that sits in front of you every day whilst others becry the Royal Commission headaches, you will make hay while the sun appears not to be shining.

The complications involved with retirement planning, self managed super, asset protection, tax, investments and the range of connected services, will always require a thriving Financial Planning Industry in Australia so the only question is how can your Financial Planning firm maximise it’s share of the pie.

The answer : By creating a TV channel and becoming a trusted advisor to a defined target market of your best prospects.

This really is a no brainer. We’ve developed a system to achieve this for real estate agents and we are now offering the same system to Financial Planners. Yes as a Financial Planner you are covered in red tape making it difficult to produce video, but this just needs navigating and a creative process to enable content that both engages and passes inspection.

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