Become The Local Champion in the eyes of homeowners in your suburb

Set yourself apart from all other agents working your patch.

Win the local hearts and minds

Grow your market share, generate more GCI

Let’s face it virtually every real estate agent in Sydney markets their services in the same way.

Yet there is an opportunity to become THE AGENT that is top of mind among the average 6% of homeowners that want to sell their property each year.

Our partnership with The Sydney Suburbs Online News Network enables one agent per suburb to be positioned uniquely as the Local Champion.

It’s an elegant opportunity to be positioned as the LOCAL CORRESPONDENT OF YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD.

What does becoming the Local Correspondent for my suburb involve?

Becoming the local correspondent for Bondi, Vaucluse, Curl Curl, Lane Cove or any of the 100+ Sydney suburbs on offer is a simple process.

Alongside the monthly videos we also produce an eye-catching advert that appears throughout the local publication in your area.

The combination of local people seeing and hearing YOU relate an interesting story relevant to THEM and the ongoing advert, position YOU as THE LOCAL CHAMPION.

It’s elegant, it avoids a hard-sell, it’s fun and stimulating.

To discuss becoming The LOCAL CHAMPION of your area, send an email to