Travel Agents

If your Travel Agency is still left standing, the chances are you have something special to offer.

The internet has turned the travel industry upside down, so your agency must be differentiating and offering added value to your customer.

But Are You Making Hay While The Sun Shines?

There’s a huge opportunity for good travel agencies and tour companies to make the internet work for YOU instead of those big booking engines.

Creating your TV channel and putting it in front of the right people is a HUGE OPPORTUNITY RIGHT NOW.

Travel content and even travel imagery can be one of the most viral and engaging things to interupt the day of your prospect, yet not even the largest worldwide brands are doing this properly.

That creates a huge opportunity to get in front of your best prospects with very specific content consistently before costs spiral upwards.

  • Did you know for example we could build campaigns targeting ONLY YOUR PAST CUSTOMERS(not using an email newsletter that just gets deleted or missed BTW)?
  • Did you know we can target people who haven’t been your customers but are looking to book a holiday?
  • Did you know we can target people who travel internationally frequently?
  • Did you know we can place adverts targeting just people within walking distance of your location?

   ✅ Imagine once we’ve brainstormed with you and assessed exactly who your best customers are and what they want to see, placing that in front of them on your TV channel until they become customers.

   ✅ Imagine continually tantalising your best prospects with new travel ideas and options.

   ✅ Imagine becoming their local trusted travel adviser by broadcasting to your TV channel.

That's How You Make Hay While The Sun Shines

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And by the way, well done for surviving the greatest disruption in the history of the Travel Industry!!

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